Regional Chapters & Clubs

Regional Alumni Chapters & Clubs

Regional chapters and clubs are vital to the UCF Alumni engagement efforts by making and maintaining connections with people who share a UCF experience. Join the black and gold faithful nationwide by becoming involved in your local chapter or club.

Become a UCF Leader

The UCF Engagement and Annual Giving team is always looking for Knights who are passionate about UCF and ready to lead. For a list of regional chapter and club executive board positions or to apply, view/print the chapter and club nomination form.

Want to get involved, but don't see a UCF alumni chapter or club in your area? Email us to find out more about the possibility of creating a group in your area. All newly formed groups begin at the club level, which provides a training ground for clubs to ease into their new role and increase their level of involvment gradually in a way that makes sense for them.

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UCF Alumni's mission is to enhance the lives of UCF alumni, students and friends by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with the university.

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