Are you interested in becoming a volunteer leader in your local alumni chapter or club? Do you know someone who would make a great volunteer leader? Here is your opportunity to join a group of dedicated alumni who are committed to supporting UCF and engaging fellow Knights.

Nominate yourself or a fellow Knight for a leadership role in the UCF Alumni's Regional Chapter and Club Program and take the next step in strengthening your relationship with the UCF community.

Regional chapter and club elections are held in the spring and elected officers assume their roles on July 1. Terms run from July 1 to June 30. The executive committee positions and descriptions are listed at the bottom of this page. Other chair positions may be available depending on the chapter or club’s specific needs. If you are interested in a position that is not part of the executive committee, please complete the nomination form and a representative from the chapter or club will connect with you on where your skills might be the best fit for the group.

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Position Descriptions:

Chair - The Chair shall be the main representative of the chapter or club and shall oversee all chapter or club programming and events. He/she will preside at all meetings of the chapter or club and the executive committee and will display a good working knowledge of the procedures outlined in the regional chapter and club manual. The chair will ensure all committee members are trained and fully understand their roles and will create a leadership succession plan to establish a pipeline of future chapter or club leaders.

Chair-Elect - The Chair-Elect will assist the chair in the execution of his/her duties and act on the chair’s behalf when necessary. He/she will actively participate and support the planning and execution of all chapter or club activities and will oversee the execution of a signature event for the chapter or club. The chair-elect will assume the chair position at the end of the current chair’s term or in the event that the current chair is unable to fulfill his/her term.

Events Chair - The Events Chair will assume the primary responsibility of coordinating and planning various chapter or club events. He/she will collaborate with the staff liaison to ensure that event details are in compliance with the guidelines set by UCF Advancement, the University of Central Florida, and the state of Florida.

Communications Chair - The Communications Chair will assume the primary responsibility of overseeing all internal and external communications. He/she will maintain the chapter or club’s social media sites and will respond promptly to any e-mail received to the chapter or club. In addition, he/she will record and distribute minutes from all meetings sending them to all board members as well as the chapter or club’s staff liaison.

Philanthropy Chair - The Philanthropy Chair will assume the primary responsibility of disseminating information about giving opportunities to the chapter or club alumni base. He/she will serve as the primary liaison between the Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving and the chapter or club regarding any giving priorities or campaigns and will encourage the chapter or club’s alumni constituency to make annual, philanthropic gifts. In addition, he/she will ensure the chapter or club’s executive committee has made a gift during the fiscal year.

Member-at-Large - There are not specific, assigned duties for this position. The needs of the chapter or club generally determine in what capacity the volunteer’s skills are most needed.









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