30 Under 30 Nomination

30 Under 30 Nomination


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 30 Under 30?
30 Under 30 is an awards program that recognizes outstanding young UCF alumni who have continued to reach for the stars in their professional and personal lives since graduating from the University of Central Florida.

Young alumni currently make up one third of our alumni population making them the largest constituent base. The 30 Under 30 awards program seeks to connect young alumni to the UCF community.

Each fall, the UCF community celebrates the achievements of these individuals and the impact they have made in their profession, community, or the university post commencement with the 30 Under 30 awards.

Who is eligible for 30 Under 30?
UCF alumni (graduate or undergraduate) age 30 or under as of June 30, 2017 are eligible for 30 Under 30.

What are the requirements for 30 Under 30?
Nominees for 30 Under 30 must demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a lifelong relationship with UCF and strive to uphold the tenets of the UCF Creed.

The UCF Creed
“Integrity, scholarship, community, creativity, and excellence are the core values that guide our conduct, performance, and decisions.”

30 Under 30 nominations should speak to the achievements of the individual. Candidates will be considered based on exceptional achievement in one or more of the following:
• professional success
• community involvement
• university impact

Who can submit a nomination?
An individual, civic or service group or corporation may submit a nomination. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Who selects the winners?
The University of Central Florida Young Alumni Council will select the 30 Under 30 award recipients.

When are nominations due?
Nomination applications are due by May 28, 2017.

When will award winners be selected?
Winners be selected and all nominees notified by July 14, 2017.

How will award winners be recognized?
30 Under 30 award winners will receive recognition at a reception scheduled for August 26, 2017. Winners will also be recognized in print and online publications.

Where do I send a nomination or ask questions?
For more information, please contact Anne Fitch via e-mail at UCFFund@ucf.edu or by phone at 407.882.0565.







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