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Be part of a network of more than 26,000 engineering and computer science Knights through the UCF College of Engineering & Computer Science Alumni Chapter! Our chapter helps you stay connected to your alma mater through various CECS alumni events, and offers many other ways to get involved to help make a difference in the lives of CECS students. Don’t miss out on any of our great networking, professional development and mentoring opportunities! Best of all, there are no membership dues!


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All Knights are welcome to join us for social, career and community events throughout the year.

Getting involved is easy! Here's how:

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Class Presentations
Visit a class or student group to share information about your career area.

Career Panels
Share your experience with students by participating on a career panel.

Internet Science and Technology Fair
For a period of four months, student teams use IT tools to communicate, research, collaborate and design innovative solutions to real-world problems. They are required to work with technical professionals as student team tech advisors. At the end of the four months, students submit their research findings in a website format for preliminary and national rounds of judging.

WISE Mentoring
WISE Mentoring fosters mentoring connections for female UCF sophomores who are interested in exceling in science, technology, engineering and math. Selected participants will commit to a six-month formal mentoring partnership. The partners meet face to face or connect via telephone, email or other means.

Senior Design Mentoring
During their senior year, undergraduate students work to develop innovative project proposals, conduct design analysis, and design and build prototypes. Senior design mentors can adopt a team and assist with project management.

COMPASS (career planning course speaker)
Tell your story to a class of students interested in STEM majors by sharing why you chose to go into a STEM field and the benefits of working in one. Presentation and Q&A will last approximately 20 minutes.

Speak to a class of students who have declared STEM majors, but who are not yet in their major classes. Help motivate these students to be persistent in their choice to pursue a STEM major, and touch on personal stories and tips that kept you working hard.

GEMS (Girls EXCELing in Math and Science) Panelist
Five speakers are chosen each spring to speak to students in this peer-to-peer women’s mentoring program. Speakers are asked to share their stories (i.e., what they do, the path they took, where they struggled, where they succeeded and the effects of marriage/children — if applicable) on their careers.

UCF-CECS Engineering Futures Forums Program
Engineering Futures Forums are held throughout the year with precollege students to share what engineering is, what engineers do and what career opportunities are available in the field. Each forum consists of a two-hour program, which includes introductions and breakout groups.

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Please note: Many of the programs are driven by student demand, so you will be contacted as opportunities become available.

Signature Events

The UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science Alumni Chapter hosts various networking, professional development and fundraising events throughout the year, but the chapter celebrates extra big during its two annual signature events:

CECS Alumni Weekend
Each spring during March, the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the CECS UCF Alumni Chapter host their annual CECS Alumni Weekend. Start your weekend off on Thursday evening at the CECS Alumni Honors Reception. Enjoy a Knight of celebration as the dean hosts a cocktail reception for alumni of all ages in recognition of alumni achievements and CECS milestones. On Friday, enjoy a day on the greens with fellow alumni and friends for the CECS Alumni Chapter Golf Classic. Golf proceeds benefit student scholarships, as well as the chapter.

CECS Homecoming BBQ and Tailgate
Come home to UCF and join the CECS dean, along with fellow alumni, faculty, staff and students for food, fun, games and giveaways at the annual CECS Homecoming BBQ and Tailgate. Attendees can look forward to family-friendly activities, tailgate games and prize drawings. After the BBQ, head over to Bright House Networks Stadium and cheer on our Knights to victory!

Executive Board

Chapter Executive Board

  • Joshua Haley '12 14MS | Chair
  • Sara Rogers '00MS | Chair-Elect
  • Sondra Kennett '04 | Communications Chair
  • Herbert Gingld '91 '14MBA | Immediate Past Chair
  • Michael Ferrante '15MS | Historian
  • Mark Blue '89 '08MBA '10MS | Mentorship Chair
  • Anthony Goodman '12 | Hospitality Chair
  • Nate Boyd '10 | Faculty Liaison
  • Andres Vargas '15 | Student Liaison

Alumni Awards

Each year, the UCF Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving recognizes alumni for their professional achievements and community service through a variety of awards. These are all of the recipients from the College of Engineering & Computer Science:

Professional Achievement Award

  • Eric Singleton, '86 (2012)
  • Nicole Stott, '92 (2011)
  • Guillermo Novo, '84 (2010)
  • Maryam Ghyabi, '83 (2009)
  • Andy Schwalb, '84 (2008)
  • Angel Ruiz, '78 (2007)
  • Keith Flannery, '86 (2006)
  • Ben Patz, '85 (2005)
  • Mark Calabrese, '78 (2004)
  • Denver Stutler, '87 (2003)
  • JoAnne Puglisi, '73 (2002)
  • Frank Caldeiro, '95 (2001)
  • Tom Washburn, '77 (2000)
  • Leila Nodarse, '82 (1999)
  • Robert Douglas, '93 (1998)
  • Kevin Jackson, '90 (1997)
  • Dan Hammond, '73 (1996)
  • Kathleen Gill, '81 (1995)
  • Larry Reuter, '73 (1994)
  • Kathryn Kinsley, '79 (1994)
  • Robert Beaver, '76 (1993)
  • Debra Reinhart, '76 (1992)
  • Kemel Pasamehmetoglu, '86 (1991)
  • Kermit Prime, '72 (1990)
  • Raymond Wilson, '83 (1989)
  • John Dowdle, '75 (1988)
  • Edgar Stewart III, '76 (1987)

Distinguished Alumnus Award

  • David Bettner, ’93 (2012)
  • Bill Parsons, ’93 (2004)
  • JoAnne Puglisi, ’73 (1980)

Rising Star Award

  • Phil Dumas, '05 (2012)
  • Balaji Jayaraj, '03, '11 (2011)
  • Harmony Myers, '00 (2010)
  • Kelvin Gibson, '03 (2009)
  • Sameer Khan, '06 (2008)
  • Darren Phegley, '04 (2006)
  • Marcia Williams, '00 (2005)
  • Christina Dixon, '00 (2004)
  • Jessica Mock, '02 (2003)
  • Robert Franceschini, '99 (2002)
  • Brian Poole, '97 (2001)
  • Christopher Bravo, '95 (2000)

Service to UCF Award

  • JoAnne Puglisi, ’73 (2008)
  • Steven Stein, ’70 (1996)
  • Jackie Sullivan, ’87 (1995)

Community Service Award

  • Linda Flannery, ’86 (2007)

In addition, the College of Engineering & Computer Science also recognizes alumni with its own Distinguished Alumni Awards for the college, as well as for each of its departments and divisions:

College of Engineering & Computer Science

  • Vinod Philip, ’00 (2013)
  • Oscar Rodriguez, ’86 (2012)
  • Benjamin Patz, ’85 (2011)

Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering

  • Tim Yang, ’92 (2013)
  • Leila Nodarse, ’82 (2012)

Industrial Engineering and Management Systems

  • Lt. Col. Gregory Fortier, ’06 (2013)
  • Adedeji Badiru, ’84 (2012)
  • Grace Bochenek, ’98 (2011)

Materials Science Engineering

  • Christina Drake, ’07 (2013)

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 

  • Daniel Rini, ’95 (2013)
  • JoAnne Puglisi, ’73 (2012)
  • Munir Sindir, ’83 (2011)

Computer Science

  • Robert Franceschini, ’92 (2013)
  • Jay Hackett, ’87 (2012)
  • Lee Carrick, ’80 (2011)

Electrical Engineering

  • Richard Hull, ’93 (2013)
  • Brian Crutcher, ’95 (2012)
  • James Vinson, ’98 (2011)






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