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As a graduate of The Burnett Honors College, you were part of a special and exclusive family. Keep those connections and stay actively involved with the college and your alma mater through the UCF Burnett Honors College Alumni Chapter! Whether you want to network with fellow honors alumni, mentor current honors students or attend a fun social event, our programming reflects your interests and needs. Best of all, there are no membership dues!


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Get Involved

All Knights are welcome to join us for social, career and community events throughout the year.

Getting involved is easy! Here's how:

Carla Portilla
Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
The Burnett Honors College


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If you're not able to attend the next event, you can still get involved through the chapter's E-Mentor Program. Enhance a student's educational and professional career by donating your time and expertise. Become a mentor today. Contact Carla Portilla with questions. 

E-Mentor Program

Give back to your alma mater by mentoring current UCF Burnett Honors College students. You can enhance a student's educational and professional career by donating your time and professional expertise.

Mentor benefits:

  • Get the opportunity to meet and interact with UCF's brightest and motivated students.
  • Enhance your skills with an opportunity to develop new leadership and management styles.
  • Feel the personal achievement of sharing your wisdom and experience without a huge time investment.
  • Gain insight into diverse thoughts, styles, cultures and personalities of today's UCF students.
  • Get the first shot at identifying and recruiting the next generation of UCF's young alumni.
  • Be recognized for your professional contribution and giving back to your alma mater and community.

Once paired, mentors will serve as advisors, sharing experiences and providing new perspectives and insights into their areas of business. Mentors and mentees will communicate through email.

Become a mentor or mentee.


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Alumni Awards

Professional Achievement Award

  • My Linn Sawyer, M.D., M.P.H., FACOEM, '90 (2013)
    View her story:
  • Sarah Kureshi, '01 (2012)
  • Seth Jonas, '01 (2011)
  • Vanessa De Rosa Lipsky, J.D., '04 (2010)
  • Emily Ashworth, '96 (2009)
  • Carlos Gittens, '98 (2008)
  • Jeffrey Douglass, '02 (2007)
  • Jessica (Mock) Mclaughlin, Ph.D., '00 (2006)
  • Nicolette Fontaine, J.D., '99 (2005)
  • Trevor Brewer, J.D., '97 (2002)

Rising Star Award

  • Melonie Williams, '07 (2012)
  • Jennifer C. Hartzler, '06 (2011)
  • Chas Short, '06 (2010)
  • Dr. Timothy Love, '04 (2009)
  • Dr. Carol Mancero, '02 (2008)
  • Sarah Walden, '04 (2006)
  • Jane Juusola, '00 (2005)
  • Abigail (Schroeder) Johnston, J.D., '99 (2004)
  • Michael Gellmen, '02 (2003)






UCF Alumni's mission is to enhance the lives of UCF alumni, students and friends by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with the university.

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