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Be part of a network of more than 6,300 hospitality Knights through the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management Alumni Chapter! The hospitality industry is built on relationships — both personal and professional. Our chapter gives you a way to keep in touch with old classmates and make new friends and contacts. We welcome you to get involved today! Best of all, there are no membership dues!


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All Knights are welcome to join us for social, career and community events throughout the year.

Getting involved is easy! Here's how:

Olivia Eriksen
’09 ’11
Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Signature Events

The Rosen College of Hospitality Management Alumni Chapter hosts various networking and celebration events throughout the year, but the chapter celebrates extra big during its annual signature event.

Hospitality Knight
Every spring, the Rosen College of Hospitality Management UCF Alumni Chapter invites you to join fellow alumni, faculty, staff and students for an evening of networking and career development, and special guest speakers, at its annual Hospitality Knight.

Entrepreneurship Competition
The Rosen College Entrepreneurship Competition is an opportunity for students to take an idea for a hospitality-related product or service and develop a plan to bring it to market. Student participants participate for cash prizes to assist with business startup costs and help make their dreams a reality. The competition, which was incepted in the spring of 2016, is sponsored by BlurtBox, whose CEO is Rosen College alumnus Julien Meyer, ’14. The Rosen College of Hospitality Management Alumni Chapter supports this event by spreading awareness, driving attendance at the event finals and supporting student participants.

Special Programs

Rosen College Alumni Chapter Mentorship Program
The Rosen College Alumni Chapter Mentorship Program pairs alumni mentors with upper-level undergraduates who are preparing to enter the work force. The alumni mentorship program also has a special partnership with the Peer Outreach Mentoring Program (POMP) which pairs upper-level undergraduates with students who may have had past academic difficulties, the Rosen College Alumni Chapter pairs alumni with POMP mentors to provide support.

Rosen College Lodging Alumni Council (RCLAC)
The Rosen College Lodging Alumni Council is an ongoing partnership between the hotel industry in Central Florida and the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, which enhances the quality of employees, creates increased competitiveness through innovation in hospitality, tourism education and research, and increases the value of the Rosen College degree by continuing to promote and elevate the quality of its programs, alumni, faculty and students.

If you're interested in being a part of the RCLAC, please email [email protected].

Executive Board

  • Danielle Derecola, ’03 | Chair
  • Amanda Gonzalez, 12 | Vice Chair
  • Natalie Kasper, 10 | Communication Chair
  • Matt Kilgo, '12 | Immediate Past Chair

Volunteer Opportunities

Every July 1 marks a new year for the chapter. Candidates interested in joining the next executive board should email us.

In addition to the executive board, consider joining one of the other Rosen alumni chapter committees or participating in one of our many volunteer opportunities.

Class Presentations/ Guest Speaker
Visit a class or student group to share information regarding your career and professional experiences.

Special Events Committee
The Special Events Committee plans and executes events and activities that build supportive, lifelong relationships between alumni and friends, the college and the university. The committee works to create and maintain an active community of alumni and friends who are engaged in supporting and advancing the goals and missions of the college and UCF.

Engagement and Resource Development Committee
The Engagement and Resource Development Committee provides support, structure and leadership related to board development and chapter engagement and participation. Activities include nomination and election of new board members, officers and committee chairs, and student recruitment.

Scholarship and Awards Committee
The Scholarship and Awards Committee, in cooperation with the college’s development director, shall be responsible for raising awareness of scholarship funds and creating strategies for increasing the size of the endowment(s) and/or creating new student scholarships.

Mentorship Program Committee
The Mentorship Program Committee works in conjunction with the college’s Peer Outreach Mentoring Program (POMP) to match Rosen alumni mentors with Rosen students to help the students with course recommendations and post-graduation experiences. The committee supports and organizes Rosen alumni mentors throughout the process.

Sponsorship Committee
The Sponsorship Committee shall engage and cultivate relationships and partnerships with companies that are prospective sponsors of events and programs hosted by the Rosen alumni chapter. The committee shall continuously communicate with the Special Events Committee and the Engagement and Resource Development Committee to brainstorm effective ways to include and utilize sponsorships in all programming.

Each committee meets at the call of its chair or at the request of the chair.

Please note: Committee participation is not limited to the Orlando area. Engagement is encouraged via electronic communications and conference calls. Committee chairs residing in the Orlando area will provide the committee reports at the bimonthly board meetings.

Alumni Awards

Each year, the UCF Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving recognizes alumni for their professional achievements and community service through a variety of awards. These are all of the recipients from the Rosen College of Hospitality Management UCF Alumni Chapter.

Professional Achievement Award

  • Chris Iaciofolio, '03 (2015)
  • Stuart Newmark, '08 (2014)
  • David Heckaman, '93 (2013)
  • Mario Ponce, '90 (2012)
  • Tom Vogel, '89 (2011)
  • Jeff Carcara, '92 (2010)
  • Scott Spilker, '99 (2009)
  • Alinda Ramos, '96 (2008)
  • Scott Kaylor, '93 (2007)
  • Chuck Zelll, '03 (2006)






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