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Mission and Values

Young alumni under the age of 32 currently account for one third of our alumni population, making them our largest constituent base. There are many ways to remain active as young alumni, and the Young Alumni Council plays a significant role in fostering your relationship with your alma mater. 

The Young Alumni Council is dedicated to furthering engagement and philanthropy at the University of Central Florida by enhancing the relationship between young alumni and the UCF community. The council exists to:

  • Build a strong network among UCF young alumni to encourage a lifetime relationship with UCF following graduation
  • Encourage UCF young alumni to contribute their time, skills/talents and financial resources to support what they love at the university and surrounding community
  • Create and support programming and events that establish and strengthen your affinity to the university

Mission: The Young Alumni Council is a strong network of UCF alumni under the age of 32 who support the university and community by contributing their time, talent and resources.

Values: Bold. Scholarly. Trailblazing. Generous. Resilient.

Questions? Contact Yelitza Zamora.

Responsibilities of Young Alumni Council Members

All members are responsible for the following:

  • Be a UCF graduate
  • Make a best personal financial gift each fiscal year
  • Attend quarterly meetings
  • Actively participate in at least one (1) committee and attend meetings
  • Attend designated signature events
  • Volunteer at two watch parties
  • Have a presence at UCF Alumni events
  • Enroll as a UCF Alumni Social Media Ambassador

Annual Events

Watch Parties
Need some buddies to watch the game with? We’ve got you covered. If you can’t be at the game, UCF watch parties are the next best thing. Find an official alumni chapter or club watch party in your area. Additonally, the UCF Young Alumni Council will host watch parties at Hooch in downtown Orlando for all UCF away football games. Doors open one hour before kickoff.

Knights Give Back
Join UCF’s Young Alumni for Knights Give Back, UCF's annual day of service, as we participate in beautification efforts at a local non-profit.

Headshot Happy Hour
The Headshot Happy Hour event is an event sponsored by the Young Alumni Council and allows young alumni to get new professional headshots and network with fellow Knights.

30 Under 30
Each year, the Young Alumni Council recognizes 30 nominated individuals for outstanding achievements in their professional and personal lives. A special ceremony is held at UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center, and the honorees are also recognized on the field at Spectrum Stadium during a UCF home football game.


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Get Involved!

Getting involved is easy! Here's how:

  • Update your contact information so we have your current address and contact info.
  • Connect with us on social media:
  • Interested in a volunteer position? Contact us and let us know you're a young alumnus or alumna interested in getting involved.

Yelitza Zamora
Assistant Director, Annual Giving

Young Alumni Council

  • Mike Kilbride '12 | Chair
  • Jazmine Rodriguez '10 '12MA | Vice Chair
  • Andrick Lewis '10 | Philanthropy Chair
  • Courtney Gilmartin '10 '16MA | Marketing Chair
  • Kaye-Alese Green '13 '15MA | Engagement Co-Chair
  • Alexis Jett '15 | Engagement Co-Chair
  • Alexandra Lemoine '13 | Social Chair
  • Kate Kroll '15 | Student to Young Alumni Transition Co-Chair
  • Zackery Ruman '16| Student to Young Alumni Transition Co-Chair
  • Jordan Grushka '14 '16MA | Philanthropy Committee
  • Kimberlee Martin '09 | Philanthropy Committee
  • Kendall Beaumont '17 | Marketing Committee
  • Sasha Dookhoo '11 '15MA | Marketing Committee
  • Katarina Dos Santos '13 | Marketing Committee
  • Luke Sarris '15 | Marketing Committee
  • Candice Torres '11 | Marketing Committee
  • Christopher Garcia '12 '13MBA | Engagement Committee
  • Marley Hughes '11 | Engagement Committee
  • Kyle Kundinger '12 | Engagement Committee
  • Terry Nnatubeugo '15 | Engagement Committee
  • Ryan Whittington '16 | Engagement Committee
  • Caroline Ciaffone '13 '16MS | Social Committee
  • Amanda Gonzalez '12 | Social Committee
  • Esther Lamarche '13 | Social Committee
  • Dustin Roedding '09 '14 | Social Committee
  • Chad Brown '07 | Student to Young Alumni Transition Committee
  • Noelle Cipollini '13 | Student to Young Alumni Transition Committee
  • Danielle Price '14 | Student to Young Alumni Transition Committee
  • Carey Sobel '09 | Student to Young Alumni Transition Committee
  • Spencer Gledhill, ‘07
  • Emily Janssen '14 '16MA 






UCF Alumni's mission is to enhance the lives of UCF alumni, students and friends by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with the university.

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