Dr. Charles "Jack" Weitzel '71, Six-Time Author

Dr. Charles "Jack" Weitzel, a general surgeon, is the author of six books in which he talks about his faith journey, and his clinical practice. Above all, he shares an intimate view into his marriage with his wife, Dr. Melinda "Lin" Weitzel. 

Dr. Lin Weitzel has kept a journey of their years together, expressing her sentiments in poetry. In a writing from 1981 entitled "The Handy Dandy Book of Surgery," Lin describes her husband's commitment to his work: 

I am the 'Handy Dandy Book of Surgery.'

Take me off the shelf each nite

Pour over me with such intent

Gain from me an inner strength

And new insight

Each time you comb my pages

Something new will appear

The last time you looked you missed it.

Such a mystery to go over the same book

Only to find that in different circumstance

It can be new and exciting.

Take from my pages what you need

Then put me back on the shelf for another day

But rush home and pull me from my place

Search my pages at your will

I'll always remain an open book.