Five Things Alumni Need to Know About UCF Day of Giving

1. UCF  Day of Giving is this Thursday. That means it’s in just a few days. That means that in just a handful of sleeps, all of Knight Nation — all the students, faculty, alumni, friends, parents, fans, non-aggressive Twitter followers — will come together and spend a full 24 hours supporting what they love and showing that they believe in UCF!

2. If  you love already know you love UCF, start thinking through specific areas within the university that are most exciting to you that you’d like to support. If your heart beats fast when you think of the fact that in 1 in 5 UCF students are first-generation college students, that’s love and you should do something about it. If you get excited thinking about all of the incredible opportunities our distinct colleges provide for our community, yep, that’s love and you can be a part of it. If you don’t sleep before a big game day because you just can’t contain your enthusiasm for all things Knights Athletics — you guessed it —that’s love and  you can show it.

3. Last year was our first ever Day of Giving. We hoped for 1,000 donors to come forward over the course of one day. We set an ambitious goal and not only did Knights crush it, but we nearly doubled it! But that’s how it works around here at UCF, you know? Set a bar, blow right through it, set a higher one. This year’s goal is 3,000 donors. And, bonus! Giving a gift on this day unlocks thousands of dollars in extra support for UCF — culminating in $95,000 worth of challenge gifts. And because UCF Day of Giving  has a donor-focused goal, literally every gift, big or small, counts toward us reaching the goal. It builds momentum. It gets us all one step closer to what we’ve set out to do.

4. We have already had a handful of Knights step up to plate and say they’re in. They’re game to support what they love and think you ought to as well. From New York to Conference Tournaments and Broadway stars, they’re committed to this BIG day of impact.

5. Thursday  is going to be big. Our collective action on this one day will have a lasting ripple effect for years to come. Giving a gift on Thursday is laying the groundwork now for the next big breakthrough in research to happen at UCF, for the next star athlete to train in UCF facilities, for the next generation of trailblazers to say they were built by UCF. We’re going to change the world this Thursday. You in? If so, get a head start and give now.