Five Things Alumni Need to Know This Week - July 15, 2019

1. The most recent issue of Pegasus magazine is out now! Keep an eye on your mailbox for your copy or if you literally cannot handle another moment without your news of all things UCF, we completely understand and here’s the web version.

2. The College of Medicine is offering each of us a chance to support future doctors through white coat sponsorship for the class of 2023. Each sponsored coat will have a note in the pocket with the name of the donor that helped to make someone’s first moment as a medical student memorable. This is a great opportunity to provide a tangible gesture of support for UCF students who will go on to join the medical field. Get your details and commit to sponsorship right here.

3. Next time you’re in the Bounce House (how’s August 29th sound? For our first game of the season? Cool, we’ll see you there), be sure to check out the incredible murals UCF alumnus Aaron Evans ’16 has been working on!

4. If you need to stock up on your black and gold gear before football season begins, don’t forget there’s free shipping right here.

5. A new semester is on the horizon and a fresh batch of UCF students are gearing up for life as a college student. If you’ve ever considered being a mentor, now is a great time to get to it. For students at UCF, having a mentor who can show them the ropes and guide them along as they prepare for their future career is a big deal.  It’s both a learning and networking opportunity for the student and a philanthropic and resume-building opportunity for the alum. It’s Knights helping Knights and we hope you’ll be a part of it.