Five Things Alumni Need to Know This Week - June 24, 2019

1. Woody has got a friend in Buzz and UCF has an alumna in the credit sequence of Toy Story 4. Teresa Falcone ’14, a graduate of UCF's School of Visual Arts and Design, talked with UCF Today about what it was like joining the Pixar team to bring the beloved characters from her childhood back to the big screen. Read her story here.

2. Sitting between Ivan Mustafa ’98, ’03MS and I is a device that is tracking all of the dispatched fire trucks in Osceola County.  As the shift commander at Osceola County Fire & Rescue, Mustafa has 106 men working for him at 15 different stations that handle anything emergency-wise for the entire county. On his “off days” he is also an advanced registered nurse practitioner at Advent Health, working 4-6 ten-hour shifts a month in the emergency department.

Mustafa also allegedly “retired” in 2015...

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3. According to a Campus Pride Index created by, UCF is the top college in Florida for LGBTQ+ students in Florida. The list takes into consideration an institution's academics, affordability and LGBTQ+ services. Read more here.

4. For all you alumni who moved after graduation and are looking for opportunities to spend more time amongst Knights, there are more than 30 official UCF Alumni chapters and clubs across the nation. Get information, get involved and get excited here.

5. Even though NASA’s Cassini spacecraft’s mission to Saturn ended in 2017, scientists are still poring over the copious amounts of data it transmitted.

Now, in a new paper that appeared in Science on Friday and includes two University of Central Florida co-authors, researchers are offering glimpses into the nature and composition of the mighty planet’s legendary rings by using data from some of the closest observations ever made of the main rings...

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