Five Things Alumni Need to Know This Week - September 16, 2019

UCF Celebrates Latinx Heritage

1. As a Hispanic Serving Institution, UCF is dedicated to bolstering the success of its Latinx students. We're proud to share that UCF was named a top school for Hispanic students. This news comes just in time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month -- Vamos Knights!

2. After that thrilling win over Stanford, we're ready for a trip to Pittsburg this weekend! If you're headed  to the game, then join us for our next UCF ChargeOn Tailgate this Saturday. This event is an excellent chance to gather with fellow Knights, have some drinks, share a meal and get pumped up with our UCF spirit team before the game!

3. In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, UCF is pulling together to help those who were impacted in the Bahamas. The islands faced unprecedented devastation and we want to do what we can to help as they rebuild. Find all the details you need on what you can do to help right here.

4. One of the many opportunities presented to our alumni is the chance to mentor current students. These mentors truly make a difference as the next generation of Knights wades through college and life-after-college. UCF Today recently published this article about the unexpected benefits for the mentor who is willing to step up and make a difference. "The truth is that mentees often enrich their mentor’s life in a myriad of ways. Mentors do themselves and their mentees a disservice by not being receptive to their potential contributions." Read the full article here.

5. "For communities in the crosshairs of rapid urbanization, climate change and natural disasters, the best defense may be making sure the systems they rely on for food, energy and water are resilient, less dependent on regional systems and take full advantage of new green technology. University of Central Florida engineering Professor Ni-Bin Chang is leading an ongoing international study, which is examining how Miami along with Marseille, France, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, handle their urban infrastructure systems and whether a strategic sustainable development approach related to a food-energy-water nexus will work together in such diverse landscapes." Read more here.