• Marching Knights Mentor Application

Thank you for your interest in the Marching Knights Mentorship Program. The purpose of this program is to connect current Marching Knights with Marching Knights alumni mentors who share similar academic backgrounds, professional interests and/or career fields. Alumni mentors will share professional experiences, provide new perspectives and insights into their industry, share knowledge about career advancement and professional development opportunities, share information about professional organizations they belong to and assist in building and enhancement of their mentee’s individual skill set.

The Marching Knights Alumni Chapter pairs alumni mentors with upper-level undergraduate students who are preparing to enter the work force. Pairings are based on multiple facets including but not limited to career field, major, personal interests and professional organizations. Should your pairing not be in your exact field of study, there is still much insight to offer students.

This is NOT a job/internship placement program, but if/when appropriate, we encourage mentees to job shadow with their mentors.

Please fill in all the fields with complete details in order to assist with parings.