• Rosen College Alumni Mentor of the Year Nomination

If you think that your mentor deserves to be recognized for his/her commitment and dedication to help further your education through becoming the recipient of this year's award, then tell us why!

Rosen Mentor of the Year


We will be judging your entry based on:

  • Professional and personal results that have happened because of your mentorship.
  • The activities you and your mentor have shared.
  • Any networking opportunities your mentor has provided.

Tips for Writing Your Nomination:

  • Have fun! This is a great thing you are about to do!
  • While you are very familiar with your nominee’s work, it is more than likely the members of the selection committee won’t be, so be descriptive and provide examples.
  • Start with a clear, direct and specific statement of why your nominee deserves recognition.
  • Include enough information for the selection committee to become familiar with the nominee’s specific challenges faced, actions taken, and results or goals met.
  • List the most important information in the first few sentences and then elaborate, as necessary.
  • Keep it simple! Remember that longer doesn’t necessarily mean better. When presenting your nominee, keep your explanations clear and to-the-point while ensuring you provide enough information for the selection committee to make their decision.
  • Be sure to include the correct email address for your mentor.

We look forward to receiving your submission—Don’t Delay! 

The deadline to submit nominations is Sunday, May 23 at 11:59 p.m.


The winner will be announced at Hospitality Knight 2021 on June 23 and through social media, email and on our Rosen College website. And, if your mentor is selected, we will invite you to share your story via your own video.