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Before you begin the scholarship application process, please review the following questions and answers to make the process smooth and easy.

How can I apply for a UCF Alumni scholarship?

Scholarship applications are only available online through the A2O: Access to Opportunities portal. No paper applications will be accepted. Once you log in, you will be asked to complete a short general applicaiton. Then you will be able to browse scholarships available. Under "Opportunities" select "Ours" then type in the name of the alumni scholarship you are looking for in the search field. Online, you will only see scholarships for which you meet the basic eligibility requirements. IMPORTANT! Please read each scholarship description carefully to make sure you meet ALL of the specific criteria required for each scholarship before applying. 

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

Yes, you may apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for and can access through the A2O portal as long as you meet the specific criteria listed for each. 

Why can't I see scholarships on my page that my friends/classmates see on theirs?

Scholarships will appear in your A2O based on basic eligibility requirements for each scholarship. Criteria used to determine basic eligibility includes, but is not limited to: GPA, class standing, academic program, activities, etc. If you do not see a particular scholarship, you most likely do not meet the basic requirements for that scholarship. 

I've been accepted to UCF, but why can't I see the scholarships I think I'm eligible for on myUCF?

There are several possibilities as to why you are not seeing scholarships:

  1. You do not meet the basic criteria for the scholarship. Criteria used to determine basic eligibility includes, but is not limited to: GPA, class standing, academic program and activities. 
  2. You have not yet been accepted to UCF.

This is my first semester at UCF and I don't have a GPA yet. Can I still apply?

Yes, you may complete the application using your high school GPA. If you don't see a specific scholarship listed on your myUCF portal, you have not met the basic criteria and are not eligible for that scholarship.

What are the GPA requirements for scholarships?

  • Each scholarship requires a different minimum overall GPA. Please refer to the scholarship description for the specific scholarship you are applying for to see GPA requirements.
  • All scholarships require enrollment at UCF as a full-time student (12 hours undergraduate or 9 hours graduate) during the fall and spring semesters during the 2018-2019 academic year (unless otherwise specified).
  • All scholarship awards are contingent upon satisfactory academic progress. During the academic year for which a scholarship is awarded (2018-2019), you must be enrolled as a full-time student (12 hours undergraduate/9 hours graduate, unless otherwise noted) and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.

How is class standing determined?

Class standing is calculated by the number of credit hours you have: Freshman (0-29 credit hours), Sophomore (30-59 credit hours), Junior (60-89 credit hours), Senior (90+ credit hours). Graduate students are those who have already received their bachelor's degree.

Will you accept applications after midnight on the cut-off date?

No. All scholarship applications and supporting documents must be submitted electronically by midnight on March 31, 2018. 

Can I edit my application once it is submitted?

Yes. You may save your application and go back to edit it. Be sure to have your supporting documents ready for upload prior to completing the online application.  Your application will not be officially submitted until you complete your application.

I don't have all of my supporting documents yet. Can I still apply now?

Yes. All scholarship applications must be submitted electronically online through A2O. You may begin your application and save to complete and submit later. If supporting documents are required, you will need to obtain and upload them before finalizing your application. Incomplete applications, missing supporting documents will NOT be considered. Supporting documents may include: recommendation letter, etc. Please refer to criteria for each specific scholarship any required supporting documents.

Who can write my recommendation letter?

Recommendation letters MUST be written by someone other than a family member (IE. faculty member, advisor, employer, etc.) for each scholarship application (unless otherwise noted). Please refer to the individual scholarship requirements to see if you need a recommendation letter and how many. Please have your recommender save the letter as a PDF to their computer with your first and last name (KnightroKnightRec.pdf) and then have them email them electronically to you. You will then be able to upload the file when prompted while submitting your online scholarship application through your A2O portal.

Recommendation letters will not be accepted via email or mail.

How do my recommenders submit my recommendation letter?


Recommendation letters MUST be submitted by YOU (the scholarship applicant) electronically when submitting your scholarship application online. Please have your recommender save the letter or form as a PDF to their computer with your first and last name (KnightroKnightRec.pdf) and then have them email the recommendation directly to you electronically. You will then be able to upload the file when prompted while submitting your scholarship application online through your A2O portal.

Recommendation letters should be in electronic format and obtained in advance of completing your application. You MUST upload it with your online application. We will not accept recommendations from recommenders via email or mail. Please communicate that with your recommender when requesting your recommendation letter. The online system will not allow you to submit the application without the recommendation letter(s). If we receive your application without an electronic version of the recommendation letter, it will be considered incomplete.

Are high school seniors planning for summer/fall 2018 at UCF eligible to apply?

You must have access to your A2O portal. If you do, there may be a few scholarships available to you (depending on if you meet the eligibility criteria). If incoming students do not see any scholarships in their A2O portal, then they do not meet the basic eligibility requirements and will need to wait until next year to apply.

If my GPA is low and I improve the score, will I be eligible?

No. Your overall GPA at the time of application (spring 2018) will be used to determine scholarship eligibility.

If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, you will be required to remain enrolled full-time (12 hours undergraduates/9 hours graduate students) and maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to receive the disbursement of your scholarship in fall and spring.

I'm taking classes part time. Am I eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Yes, there are some scholarships open to part-time students, however, please note that all scholarship recipients must be enrolled at UCF as a full-time student at the time when award money is disbursed (12 hours undergraduate or 9 hours graduate) unless otherwise noted. Please see scholarship description for details.

Who selects the scholarship recipients?

A committee made up of faculty and staff reviews the scholarship applications, provides input during the selection process and makes final selections.

When will scholarship winners be notified of the committee's decision?

All scholarship applicants will receive written or electronic notice of the scholarship committee's decision in August 2018.

When will scholarship monies be disbursed?

Scholarships are awarded for the fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters only. Half of each scholarship will be transferred into financial aid accounts in September and the remainder in February for disbursement by the Office of Financial Aid shortly after.

Scholarship awards of $1,000 or more will be split into two disbursements, one in fall and one in spring. Scholarships awards under $1,000 will be disbursed in full in fall unless otherwise noted in notification letter or if the award is designated for a different semester.

Disbursement of awards is contingent upon enrollment and GPA verification following Add/Drop each semester.  If awardees do not meet the enrollment and GPA requirements for the scholarship for which they have been selected, we will be unable to award the scholarship.

I'm taking classes over the summer. Can I get my scholarship disbursed early?

Unfortunately no. Scholarships are awarded for the fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters only.

Are UCF employees or family members eligible to apply?

Yes, provided you/they meet the eligibility requirements for each scholarship.


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