Student Philanthropy

What is UCF Class Gift?

  • UCF Class Gift is an opportunity for students to give back to their favorite area of UCF. Students can make a philanthropic donation to scholarships, the food pantry, a service, college, department, athletics and more! Led by 4EVER KNIGHTS, this student for student initiative hopes to illustrate the importance of philanthropy at our institution.

Stand up and be recognized!

  • DID YOU KNOW? Graduating students that make a gift of $20.19 will receive graduation cords as a thank you. Students are also asked to stand and be recognized during their commencement ceremony. The UCF community is grateful that students who are able, are giving back in a big way and wants to show their appreciation for our newest donors.

The Class Gift Campaign 2019

February 3 - March 2.
Students will be making gifts to their favorite funds throughout this month long campaign. Join the campaign on GiveCampus and support future Knights!

Which college will win the Class Gift Cup? Will the College of Nursing be de-throned this year? Follow along on our GiveCampus page to keep up with the competition.

Follow 4EVER KNIGHTS on social media this month to learn about how private support makes a difference at UCF and how you can get involved.

Four Reasons Why We Give

Support the fund you love

  • At UCF, there are hundreds of funds you can support. Our goal is to connect you with your passion. Donor intent is important and we want your donation to support something you love.

Moving beyond the top 100 schools

  • You know that ranking that comes out every year from US News & World Report? A portion of that score is based upon the number of gifts made to the university – including by alumni and students! We aren’t just focused on the dollars. We are focused on how many donors support UCF. An increase in our ranking increases the value of all of our degrees.

44% of UCF students graduate without student loan debt

  • UCF has one of the lowest tuition rates in the country and we want to keep it that way. We can’t control state funding. We can control philanthropic support to the university.

Small gifts make a big impact

  • $20 may not seem like it makes a difference, but when 15,000 graduating students have the opportunity to make a gift, those numbers are HUGE. Small gifts mean just as much as big gifts.

How can I make a gift?

You can make a gift to the fund of your choice. Suggested giving amounts are listed. Questions? Email 4EVERKNIGHTS.

  • $5 for Freshmen
  • $10 for Sophomores
  • $15 for Juniors
  • $20 for Graduate Students
  • $20.19 for Students Graduating in 2019








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