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As a graduate from UCF, you are one of our greatest assets. Your valuable experience and insight when shared with our current student body have a huge impact. We would greatly value your participation and hope that if you do choose to mentor a student, you enjoy an enriching experience while reconnecting with the college and refining your mentorship skills.

Alumni Mentor Expectations:

  • Mentors must be UCF graduates.
  • Mentors must be Young Alumni (under the age of 32)
  • If matched, mentorship requires monthly conversations with your graduate throughout the mentorship period (February through September). Availability to meet at this rate either in person, by phone or by email is required.
  • An Alumni Mentor actively engages their mentee in the role of coach, guide, and motivator. A program manual outlining conversation topics and ideas will be distributed should you participate.

UCF Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving
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