• UCF Young Alumni Mentor Registration

As a graduate of UCF, you are one of our greatest assets. Your valuable experience and insight when shared with our current student body have a huge impact. The UCF Knights Network Mentorship Program is focused on connecting individuals based on professional development goals and interests such as learning to network, applying to professional schools, time management and more! A meaningful mentor/mentee relationship can make the difference in the development of a knights career. 


We would greatly value your participation and hope that if you do choose to mentor a student, you enjoy an enriching experience while reconnecting with the university and refining your mentorship skills. Deadline to apply for the 2019-2020 academic year is Sept. 23, 2019.


Alumni Mentor Expectations:


  • Mentors must be UCF graduates.
  • Mentors must be Young Alumni (under the age of 32)
  • If matched, mentorship requires monthly conversations with your graduate throughout the mentorship period (October 2019 through May 2020). Availability to meet at this rate either in person, by phone,  by email or by Skype (video conference) is required.
  • An Alumni Mentor actively engages their mentee in the role of coach, guide, and motivator. A program manual outlining conversation topics and ideas will be distributed should you participate.


Questions about the program? Email us at [email protected].