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The UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center is a unique venue because of our team and the mission we serve. For more than a decade, we have had the honor of hosting celebrated life-events, corporate conferences and university functions all while upholding one of the university’s core values: providing students with experience-based learning opportunities.



2017 building layout


  • 1,600 square feet



For your convenience, please complete our online reservation form to begin booking your event.




If you're hosting an event or meeting at the alumni center, parking in Garage H may be reserved through your event coordinator. If you do not have a valid parking permit or pass, you must park in one of the green/student lots and pay the parking meter to avoid being ticketed by UCF Parking Services. Click on the map at right for the location of Garage H.





What's the process for reserving a rental space?
All rentals are first come, first served. An online reservation form must be submitted, and a 50-percent deposit and signed contract is required to secure your event date and space. All requests for reservations need to be made through the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center's website. Simply complete the online reservation form to begin booking your event. Reservations cannot be made without a completed form.

What does the rental fee cover?
The rental fee covers the cost of the use of the facilities, along with round, six-foot or classroom tables, and banquet chairs. All other items (linens, projector and screen, cocktail tables, podium, microphones, easels, etc.) fall under "Event-Related Expenses." All invoices include an 18-percent service fee and tax (if applicable) added to the final bill. The service fee is what covers our student staff to set up, break down and staff your event in the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center.

What's the deposit fee?
The deposit is 50 percent of the room rental fee and is due when the contract is signed.

How far in advance can I book a rental?
The UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center takes bookings up to 12 months in advance. When making a reservation for 12 months in advance, booking opens the first business day of the month.

Can you pencil me in for a rental?
No. If the date is available, we will inform you of its availability, but we cannot offer courtesy holds. Space can be reserved only with a completed reservation form, signed contract and proper deposit.

Is there a weekend fee in addition to my rental charge?
Yes. Weekend building rentals require a fee, which will be reflected in your invoice.

How late can I stay?
Our preferred caterers may have additional pre-arranged time to set up or clean up prior to or following your event. However, your event must end and all guests must vacate the premises by the end of your rental period. We do not rent past 11 p.m.

What's the rental duration?
Rentals are a six-hour block for social events and an eight-hour block for conferences, seminars and meetings. This applies both weekdays and weekends, and these blocks are inclusive of set up and break down. Additional time may be permitted at a charge of $50 per hour, while wedding receptions are $150 per hour.

May I have an off-campus caterer for my event?
All catering must be coordinated through an approved caterer of the University of Central Florida. The list of approved caterers consists of on- and off-campus vendors. View now.

Is alcohol permitted?
Yes. Clients may coordinate their own alcohol through an approved caterer, the same as food. We require a licensed vendor to serve the alcohol at your event.

Will there be someone at my event to help me in case something goes wrong?
Yes. UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center staff members will be present throughout your event (set up and break down) to assist with your needs.

May I have candles?
Candles are permitted as long as the flame is enclosed in glass (such as votives) and the wick is at least one inch below the top of the glass rim. Candles may also be used if floating in liquid. No hand-held candles are permitted.

May I choose my own vendors?
Caterers: All catering services must be provided by one of the listed preferred caterers. No other catering services are permitted. Kitchen facilities are available only to the select caterers.

Other vendors (DJs, florists, etc.): You may choose your own DJ, florist and other vendors.

Can I have items delivered (from my caterer, florist, DJ, etc.)?
The building is in use seven days a week, often multiple times a day, and we have very limited space available for early deliveries. Check availability with your event coordinator.

Can I come by any time (to view the building, meet my caterer/ florist, etc.)?
The building may be visited Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please make an appointment with your event coordinator to make sure the building is available, as it may be in use.

How many parking spaces are available?
Ample parking is available in Garage H for a fee. All parking reservations must be arranged through your event coordinator.

When may I hold my ceremony rehearsal?
Rental fees include a complimentary one-hour rehearsal to practice for your ceremony. UCF FAC staff does not provide coordination services. Rehearsals may be scheduled Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays), between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Reservations for rehearsals are booked one month prior to the event date.

How may I decorate?
Decorations are permitted within reason and must be approved by the UCF FAC management. Decorations are permitted only in the space you have reserved. It's the responsibility of the renter to remove all decorations immediately after your event. No rice (including puffed rice or biodegradable rice), birdseed, natural flower petals, confetti, glitter or other similar materials may be used inside or outside the alumni center. Bubbles are permitted outside only. Decorations may not be affixed to the walls, doors, windows, window coverings, chairs, painted surfaces or hung from the ceiling. Fog machines, dry ice and/or open flames are not permitted. No hand-held candles are permitted inside.

May I use sparklers for my wedding exit?
Sparklers are permitted outside the front entrance for your exit. However, all sparklers must be disposed of properly, meaning the used sparkler must be discarded in a bucket of water or sand provided by the renter. Once cool, the sparklers can be placed in the trash. Failure to dispose of sparklers properly will result in a cleaning fee.


Louis W. Lubin Jr. '97


Director, Events, Sales and Operations


Rachel Kennedy '13




University Event Sales


Ashley Marley '13




Corporate and Special Event Sales




UCF Alumni's mission is to enhance the lives of UCF alumni, students and friends by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with the university.

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