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With a UCF degree as a line-item on your resume, you're already well on your way to a phenomenal and fulfilling career. We want to help you get there! We will be implementing a fully integrated collection of lifelong professional development programming, services, events and resources to meet the needs of alumni who are at any stage of career management. So whether you're a new graduate about to be launched into the workforce or an experienced professional looking for a career transition, we're here to help. 


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Continuing Education

If there's one thing we know for certain it's that graduates from UCF already have an incredibly strong foundation of hard work, intellect and a determination to charge on and do big things in the world. Let's keep that momentum going, shall we? UCF Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving provides alumni access and discounts to UCF Continuing Education programs and exam preparation courses. We want to help you acquire new skills to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment, enhance your office productivity or gain a competitive advantage with a new certification while saving money through UCF Continuing Education. 

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Campus Tours at UCF

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Campus Tours

Do you know someone who's interested in going to UCF? (Of course you do, who wouldn't be interested in going to UCF?) Has it been a while since you spent your early mornings in Classroom One and your late nights by the big window in the library and you're curious how much campus has changed? UCF Alumni is proud to offer our alumni a personalized campus tour led by a 4EVER KNIGHTS Ambassador. So whatever your reason for wanting to take a fresh lap around Memory Mall is, we would be happy to assist you with a tour!