• Watch Parties

Next Game: UCF @ USF

Friday, Nov. 27 | Pre-game watch party: 2:30 p.m. EST


Kickoff - 3:30 p.m EST


A Knights football season wouldn't be complete without our fans across the country cheering on the team!


UCF Alumni, in partnership with our regional chapters and clubs, will host a pre-game virtual watch party and everyone is invited! You'll get to meet fellow Knights from all over the country, break out into rooms to play games, get to know your local group's board members AND have the opportunity to win fun prizes. 


Pro tip: Register in advance to receive the Zoom link ahead of the game. 

Make sure you're running the most updated version of Zoom to easily move between the break out rooms! Instructions on updating can be found here.

Become a UCF Leader

UCF Alumni is always looking for Knights who are passionate about UCF and ready to lead. For a list of regional chapter and club executive board positions or to apply, view the chapter and club nomination form.