• Student Philanthropy

  • Student Philanthropy

You don't have to have graduated already to want to support your school! Through Student Philanthropy and Class Gifts, students are given the opportunity to give back to their favorite area of UCF. Students can make a philanthropic donation to scholarships, Knights Pantry, a service, college, department, athletics...anything! Led by 4EVER KNIGHTS, this student-for-student initiative illustrates the importance of philanthropy at our institution.

Four Reasons Why We Give

Supporting What You Love

At UCF, there are hundreds of funds you can contribute to, so why not give toward something that excites you? Our goal is to connect you with your passion. Donor intent is important and we want your donation to support something you believe in. So whether it's first generation scholarships, furthering the arts at UCF, rooting for our athletics through your donation, or something else entirely — there's a fund for you and we want to help you find it.

Moving Beyond The Top 100 Schools

You know that ranking that comes out every year from US News & World Report? A portion of that score is based upon the number of gifts made to the university — including by alumni and students! We aren’t just focused on the dollars that come in, we are focused on how many donors support UCF. Every donor that supports UCF communicates to the world that they believe in what happens here. It's a big deal no matter the dollar amount and it helps increase our ranking, which increases the value of all of our degrees.

A Future Without Student Loan Debt

We are proud that 44% of our students graduate without student loan debt, but we aim higher around here and want that number to go up in the coming years. UCF has one of the lowest tuition rates in the country, so let's keep it that way. We can’t control state funding. We can control philanthropic support to the university. We can control how many Knights are willing to step up and give big to ensure that the next generation of UCF graduates is set up for success.

Small Gifts, Big Impact

Maybe you think that $20 gift of yours won't make much of a difference, but when 15,000 graduating students give one too? All those gifts of $20 add up and they mean the way is paved for UCF to continue to be a respected institution of research and a remarkable college for students to learn, grow and develop into tomorrow's leader. Your $20 bill can do that. 

Most popular funds that students support

Last year, UCF students supported 60 different areas of campus. Whether it was a scholarship, a sports team, or undergraduate research, students found a fund that held meaning for them. Check out the most popular funds below:

Academic Advancement Programs (AAP)
Alumni Excellence Fund
Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Area of Greatest Need
Art Department
Austin Fragomen Study Abroad Grant
Burnett Honors College
Cheerleading Scholarships
COHPA General Scholarships
College of Arts & Humanities
College of Business Student Opportunity Fund
College of Education and Human Performance
College of Engineering
College of Medicine Excellence Fund
College of Nursing
College of Science Excellence Fund
CREOL/General Scholarships
First Generation Scholarships
Football Excellence Fund
Graduate Studies Excellence Fund
Graphic Design
Honors College Scholarships
International Student and Scholar Services General Scholarship
Knights Helping Knights
Lampp Scholarship Fund
Lead Scholars
LGBTQ+ Services
Limitless Solutions

Mathematical Sciences
Modern Languages
Multicultural Academics & Support Services
Music Scholarship Fund
Nicaragua Study Abroad Fund
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Performing Arts Center Building Fund
Physical Therapy Program
Rosen College of Hospitality Management
School of Visual Arts & Design (SVAD)
Social Work
Student Development & Enrollment Services Student Emergency Fund
Student Health Services
Students with Disabilities
Study Abroad
The Aphasia House Fund
Theatre Department
UCF Athletics Student Athlete Scholarship Fund
UCF Creative School
UCF Downtown
UCF Opera
Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Studies
University Writing Center
Veterans' Academic Resource Center
Women's Sports
Writing and Rhetoric General Fund

Student organizations are not eligible for charitable giving through the UCF Foundation, Inc.

How can I make a gift?

You can make a gift to the fund of your choice. Suggested giving amounts are listed. Questions? Email 4EVERKNIGHTS.

$5 for Freshmen

$10 for Sophomores

$15 for Juniors

$20 for Graduate Students

$20.19 for Students Graduating in 2019

Or, if you're interested in being a part of our 1963 Society, you can commit to giving $19.63 each academic year you are a student at UCF. This society honors students who have made a philanthropic commitment to their soon-to-be alma mater and membership requires a minimum of $19.63 each year.


Questions About Student Philanthropy?

UCF Class Gift Volunteer Opportunities

The 4EVER KNIGHTS Ambassadors are looking for exceptional student leaders to support student philanthropy efforts at UCF. The Class Gift Campaign focuses on educating students about private support at the university and encouraging students to support their favorite causes at our institution. This year’s UCF Class Gift Campaign will take place in February, National Student Philanthropy month.