Black and Gold Forever

A naturalized American citizen and home-grown Knight, this alumnus is now a Knight on the Hill


Kevan Stone, ’05 | Special Projects Director, Congressman John Mica

By Lauren Whalley

Life as a Knight
Kevan Stone, ’05, describes his time at UCF as an experience that not only helped him grow as a person, but as a leader as well. Throughout college, Kevan was involved with many organizations in the UCF community, such as the Student Government Association and Kappa Sigma, and he served as the president of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Being involved in these organizations exposed him to “all sorts of people and life situations,” he explains.

After originally attending Florida State University for a semester, Kevan transferred to the University of Central Florida.

“UCF was close enough to home, but far enough away to still have the college experience,” he says. Kevan has many favorable memories while at UCF, but he always enjoyed attending football games as a student and continues to attend them with a “sense of pride” as an alumnus.

From Scotland to Capitol Hill
Kevan, a Scottish native, is a naturalized citizen who moved to the United States before his second birthday. Although he was not born in the U.S., Kevan still considers himself to be 100 percent American.

With family still overseas, Kevan’s experience traveling the world has allowed him to “see different cultures and develop an appreciation for diversity,” which has assisted him on his journey to Capitol Hill. He started out his career in Washington, D.C., in 2011, as a legislative correspondent for the House of Representatives, where he was in charge of writing and processing thousands of constituent letters and requests. Kevan soon advanced to his current position as a special projects director for Central Florida Congressman John Mica.

“Politics was always a passion of mine,” he says. “I can’t envision myself doing anything else.”

As special projects director, Kevan oversees legislative portfolios pertaining to financial services, foreign affairs, tax policy, budget, drugs/counter-narcotics, small business, housing, immigration and campaign finance. Kevan is also tasked with implementing district-sensitive projects and the effects of legislation on Florida’s 7th Congressional District.

There’s no such thing as a typical day for Kevan.

“It is never the same day twice,” he explains. “It is a 24-hour job. There is no such thing as nine to five.”

A Word of Advice
Kevan’s position in Washington, D.C., has taught him the importance of maintaining a positive image. He advises students to attend their classes and to stay out of trouble, because, “The decisions you make while in college affect your career track, your life track and, especially with new forms of social media, nothing is secret or out of the public eye. Character is a huge part of any position.”

Making the Connection
Kevan describes the University of Central Florida as an important stepping stone leading to his current position.

“A big part of Washington is connections. UCF provided me with the opportunity to make great connections. If it wasn’t for my attendance at UCF, I wouldn’t be talking to you today,”Kevan says. “Working with other UCF alums in D.C. on projects — no matter the political party — they have that UCF connection. UCF’s network on Capitol Hill grows by the day.”


Q. What is your favorite comfort food?
A. An Ultimate Boar’s Head Publix Sub!

Q. What are your favorite D.C. landmarks?
A. The National Archives, because you can find many of the original documents that this country was founded on. The second is The Newseum, a museum about news and how history was recorded.

Q. What is the best advice you have ever been given?
A. If you want respect, you have to give respect. You need to earn respect from your peers, industry and your family.


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