UCF Alumni Book Club Volunteer Application

The UCF Alumni Book Club is looking to spread the literary love! 

We are looking for Knights who want to talk books with fellow readers by hosting a discussion for a book of their choice.

How it works:

The Book Club Discussion Leader will:

  • Choose a book sure to inspire a lively discussion.
  • Pick a date, time and location for the book club meetup.
  • Meet with UCF Alumni liaison prior to the discussion.
  • Facilitate and lead the discussion.
  • You can host one discussion or as many as you’d like!

    *Discussion leaders and participants are responsible for getting a copy of the book.

How UCF Alumni can help:

  • Promotion/outreach via email, website and social media.
  • Assistance with contract review and approval if a location requires a contract to use the space.
  • Zoom setup for virtual discussions.

Interested in volunteering with the book club in another way? Email us at knights@ucfalumni.com.

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