• UCF Alumni Legacy Program

Who is considered UCF Alumni Legacy?

Daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandsons, step-children and step-grandchildren of a UCF graduate are considered UCF Alumni Legacies.


Do UCF Alumni Legacies receive special consideration for admission to UCF?

Unfortunately, no. Due to strict state and local admissions policies and procedures, special consideration to any candidate is prohibited. However, being a Legacy does have its privileges.


The UCF Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving, in partnership with the UCF Admissions Office, will host Legacy admissions workshop in the fall. This workshop is geared to help parents and students prepare for college and the admissions process.


Does being a legacy of another university hurt my chances of attending UCF?

Absolutely not! Being a Legacy of another university plays no part in the admissions process.


Are there any scholarships for UCF Alumni Legacies?

There sure are! UCF Alumni awards more than $40,000 in scholarships each year to undergraduate and graduate students. One of those scholarships is the UCF Alumni Legacy Scholarship, which is specifically for children whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) is a UCF graduate.

What is the UCF Alumni Legacy Admissions Workshop?

The UCF Office of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving has partnered with the UCF Admissions Office to host legacy admissions workshops in the fall and spring. Whether your child is considering UCF or another Florida university, this workshop will emphasize the special planning necessary to maximize opportunities in a highly competitive admissions market.


Although the workshop is intended for alumni parents of any level student(s), it will be most useful for alumni with children in 6th through 8th grades as they head into the formative years of high school, and 9th through 12th as they prepare for college admissions.


Topics will include:

  • Setting an Admissions Timetable
  • The Application Process
  • Essays & Extracurricular Activities
  • Question & Answer Session


Can students attend the UCF Alumni Legacy Admissions Workshop?

The workshop is primarily meant for parents, but if students want to attend and space is available, students are welcome. It often energizes, motivates and gets students excited for the prospect of preparing for college.