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The UCF College of Community Innovation and Education Alumni Chapter welcomes alumni and friends! Our chapter works to strengthen relationships in the community and engage you, our generous supporters, with the college’s faculty, staff and students. In fact, the college is committed to helping its alumni and friends play an active role in the growth of its programs. Get involved in the UCF family! It’s a great way to reunite with fellow alumni, friends, students, faculty members and the UCF community. Best of all, there are no membership dues!

All Knights are welcome to join us for social, career and community events throughout the year.

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Stephanie Hartkopf
Assistant Director, College Engagement

College of Community Innovation and Education

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  • Victoria Manglardi '08 | Co-Chair
  • Kristen Kushner '09 '11MEd | Co-Chair
  • Juan Escobar '12 '14MA | Vice Chair
  • Anna-Bradley Lozier '11 '13MNM | Philanthropy Chair
  • Jake Novak '07 '09MEd | Communications Co-Chair
  • Tiffany Olivia '17 | Communications Co-Chair
  • Andrea Pulido '14 '16MA | Historical Chair
  • Elvis Santana '14MPA | Hospitality Chair
  • Michelle Pisani '98 '04MBA '11EdD | Mentorship Chair
  • Corey Esqunazi '11 '13MA | Community Service Chair
  • Jordan Grushka '14 '16MA | Faculty Liaison
  • Shameika Daye '05 '10MPA |Faculty Liaison
  • Michael Riley '17 | Student Representative
  • Jillian Rodriguez '17 | Member-at-Large

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We owe our successes in large part to the generous contributions of the alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations who have supported our efforts. At the College of Community Innovation and Education, every gift has an impact that extends beyond the campus into our communities, and every gift is deeply appreciated. We thank those who have invested in the college and inspired our students and faculty to pursue their academic and professional dreams.


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For more information, please contact:

Curtis Proctor
Director for Advancement
College of Community Innovation and Education