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The UCF College of Community Innovation and Education Alumni Chapter welcomes alumni and friends! We are a vibrant community of accomplished graduates dedicated to fostering lifelong connections, promoting innovation, and making an impact in our local and global communities. By joining our chapter, you’ll be given access to a network of like-minded professionals to connect with, along with many opportunities to engage in impactful projects that drive change. Join us as we continue to inspire, support, and empower one another in our collective pursuit of excellence. Charge On!

Get Involved

All Knights are welcome to join us for social, career and community events throughout the year.
Getting involved is easy! Here's how:
  • Update your contact information and share your news.
  • Connect with us on social media.
  • Volunteer with the college alumni chapter and directly affect the lives and future careers of UCF students.


Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement College of Community Innovation and Education

Chapter Leadership

  • Joshua Holder ’19 | Chair
  • Katie Bowyer ’17 ’20MS | Vice Chair
  • Dena Slanda ’13MA ’17PhD | Immediate Past Chair
  • Rebecca Carter ’13 | Secretary
  • Aaron Brown | Mentorship Chair
  • Juvens Jean-Noel ’19 | Student Liaison
  • Juan Escobar ’12 ’14MA | Member-at-large
  • Jordan Grushka ’12 ’16MA | Member-at-large
  • Jenny Meyer ’19MA | Member-at-large
  • Victoria Manglardi ’08 | Member-at-large
  • Kayla Cummins ’18 ’21MA | Member-at-large
  • Elvis Santana ’14MPA | Member-at-large
  • Megan Blanco ’07 | Member-at-large
  • Caroline Vives-Vietri ’21MNM | Member-at-large
  • Victoria Wright ’16 ’19MPA/MNM | Member-at-large
  • Curtis Proctor ’06 ’07MA ’12EdD | Member-at-large
  • Vanessa Nicholson ’06 ’13MPA | Member-at-large
  • Lasheena Williams ’09 ’11MNM | Member-at-large
  • Tanya Cobena ’21 | Member-at-large
  • Leon Maultsby ’11 ’17MHA | Member-at-large
  • Sean Farrell ’22MNM | Member-at-large
  • Kathryn Valentine ’16 | Member-at-large
  • Steve Quattrocchi ’04MS | Member-at-large


CCIE Alumni Mentorship Program pairs alumni with students in their senior year. As a graduate from the college, you are one of our greatest assets! Your valuable experience and insight when shared with our current student body has a huge impact. We would greatly value your participation and hope that if you do choose to mentor a student, you enjoy an enriching experience while reconnecting with the college and refining your mentorship skills.
The CCIE Alumni Mentorship Program runs from September-May. 

Signature Events

Assistant Join the College of Community Innovation and Education for Celebration Knight — an alumni and community partners recognition event. Celebration Knight is an opportunity to honor our alumni who have demonstrated career excellence and a college partner of distinction. Enjoy an evening of networking and learning more about ways to connect with our college.

CCIE seeks to recognize alumni who have excelled in their professional and personal endeavors. Do you know an alum who demonstrates excellence in their career, aligning with the college’s mission and vision?

Give a Gift Today

At the College of Community Innovation and Education your generous support makes a profound difference. By giving back, you directly contribute to empowering the next generation of change-makers, enhancing academic programs, and providing scholarships that open doors to education for talented students. Your donations drive innovation, research, and community outreach initiatives, allowing us to tackle pressing societal challenges and create a lasting impact. Together, we can transform lives, shape brighter futures, and foster a more vibrant college community. Join us in making a difference and invest in the power of education today.

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